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Taking This One To The Grave

So all of my friends tell me that I’m just like Ali in every way, which I have no problem admitting because I’m basically in love with her. You start to believe something so much that it suddenly becomes true. I’m about 100 percent sure I could pass a lie detector test based on all lies. I have to acknowledge that if I am anything like Alison, we both have the same train of thought. With that being said, based on what I would have done, this is what I think happened that night Alison went missing.
In 5x12 we find out that Alison was threatened by Bethany Young. Like Ali, I don’t do well with people I’m threatened by. I believe that Alison either killed Bethany or had her killed. After Bethany was murdered, Mrs. D actually buried her and not Alison. She found out what Alison had done and had no choice but to protect her. I also know for a fact that if I murdered someone my mom would definitely help me cover up. If only that would be enough. Alison knew that she had to disappear because she would be a #1 suspect in Bethany’s murder. This is why she faked her death. Remember when Mrs. D “identified” Alison’s body by saying she didn’t need to see her face she knew it was her just from the top? The same top Cece, Bethany, and Alison all wore? Yeah….
Mrs. D sent an email to an anonymous person saying I can’t protect you anymore. Who is that person? Alison Dilaurentis. When everyone found out Ali was actually alive, Mrs. D was terrified. Alison knew she would eventually confess to being apart of Bethany’s murder and dragging Alison down with her. Alison had her mother killed, just like she had Mona killed. She couldn’t risk exposure from anyone and I mean anyone. Mona finding out what Alison really did and how much of a liar she really was couldn’t be exposed to the girls much less anyone else. The same person who killed Mrs. D is the same person who killed Mona, for Alison. The girls received a text from A saying it’s all your fault. Why wouldn’t A want Alison to be exposed? Because Alison and A are rolling on the same team.

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Favorite Song: Break Free, One Last Time

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when you really hate the fuck out of someone but you cant say shit because everyone else loves them and you know deep down in your cold dead heart that they’re a terrible person


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Excited for PLL is an understatement, like THE Alison DILAURENTIS is BACK in town. YAS.

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grace kelly in rear window

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I’ve been waiting for this moment!!!

All these reports made Kenya out to be some victim. You jump up in a bitch’s face you better be ready to fight.


This is what I live for

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